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Bringing passion and professionalism together to help others achieve their dreams is where it’s at for the BELBO Beauty Institute Instructor Training Program. Following sound training principles, the 22 week, 600 hour program provides an opportunity for students who are pursuing a career in the educational field of cosmetology arts and sciences. Each student instructor is able to observe and assist experienced instructors in the performance of their duties, to perform skill demonstrations, to practice teach, and to thoroughly study the principles of teaching.

  • Apply skills and techniques related to the teaching of cosmetology related arts and sciences

  • Experience theoretical and practical teaching in a classroom situation

  • Prepare lesson plans

  • Prepare, design and administer tests

  • Prepare and utilize lesson plans

  • Recognize, observe and evaluate individual students’ needs and ability

  • Maintain records

  • Apply safety and sanitary measures for the protection of the client

Upon graduating from BELBO Beauty Institute and passing the state exam, graduates can work in positions such as:
  • Instructor

  • Beauty School Owner or Manager

  • Manufacturer’s Educator

  • Workshop Trainer

Instructor Course Curriculum

Instructor Course Disclosure

Instructor Course Net Price Calculator

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