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Sciences                                  300 hours

Histology of the skin

Skin analysis

Skin structure

Product knowledge and safety

Bacteriology / Biology

Sanitation & infection control

Skin disorders


Chemistry / Ingredients

Anatomy / Physiology



Professional Make-up            100 hours

Color psychology

Color theory

Color harmony

Supplies for professional make-up

Analyzing facial features

Make-up application

Corrective make-up

Artificial eyelashes

Eye Brow / Eye Lash tinting

Individual Eye Lash application

Air Brush make-up


State Rules & Regulations     20 hours

Louisiana laws and regulations

Safety & sanitation requirements

Licensing requirements



Skin Enhancements                250 hours

Facial procedures

Electricity and light applications

LED Photo Rejuvenation

Electrical machinery



Vascular Blemish Removal

Facial massage

European facial manipulations

European cleansing techniques

Toning / Moisturizing

Exfoliation / Chemical peels

Masque selection & application

Hair removal


Spa Body Treatments              150 hours


Body treatments

Body bronzing

Body wraps

Manual lymphatic drainage

Reflexology / Stone therapy

Cellulite treatments


Business Building                  80 hours


Client servicing & retention

Employment information

Resume writing & cover letters

Goal setting

Retail strategies

Business Fundamentals Training


Total 900 hours

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