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Sciences          175 hours

Hair & Scalp Analysis

Chemistry and pH


Sanitation & Infection Control




Hair & Scalp Treatments          40 hours

Scientific Brushing


Scalp Treatments


Hair Design                           320 hours

Wet Styling – Finger Waves / Pin curls / Rollers

Thermal Styling – Air Forming / Scrunching / Press & Curl

Design Decisions / Design Composition

Client Consultation

Comb Out Techniques


Ladies Hair Design

Long Hair Design


Hair Color                 200 hours

Color Design

Color Theory

Application Techniques

Bleaching, Toning, Dimensional Color

Chemistry of Products

Formulations & Consultation / Safety


Chemical Texturizing              240 hours

Chemistry of Products

Chemical Relaxing

Curl Restructuring

Rod Selection & Placement

History of Permanent Waving

Perm Design


State Rules & Regulations      20 hours

Louisiana Laws & Regulations

Safety & Sanitation Requirements

Licensing Requirements


Shampooing/Rinsing              50 hours

Product Knowledge


Scalp Massage

Wet & Dry Draping



Nail Care                                 50 hours

Nail Design

Application of Artificial Nails

Manicure & Pedicure Procedures

Structure & Disorders of the Nail


Hair Sculpting                     200 hours

Scissors / Razor / Clipper

Texturizing Techniques

Ladies Hair Sculpting

Solid / Increase / Graduated / Uniform

Men’s Hair Sculpting

Square / Over Comb / Fade                                    


Skin Care                 80 hours  

Cleansing / Masque Treatments

Skin Disorders


Lash & Brow Tinting

Hair Removal

Facial Massage

Moisturizing and Toning


Business Building       80 hours

Ethics / Client Servicing & Retention

Employment Information / Job Search

Resume Writing & Cover Letter

Goal Setting

Reception Training

Business Fundamentals Training


State Board Preparation                45 hours

Wet Work

Written Exam

Practical Exam


Total 1500 hours

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